Don't Cry Sweet Mama Please Don't Weep Dog Loss Poem - Words Of Sympathy For Loss

 Do you understand the power of words, especially words of sympathy?

It is when your pet, your furry friend, which is staying beside you for years, says goodbye to you, and this feeling can be difficult and heartbreaking. You should not feel as though your mourning at the loss of a dog is trivial. You should accept your feelings and ignore thoughtless comments from others, such as "Just buy another dog," or "What are you so upset about; it was just a dog." Your feelings are valid, and you must cope with your heartfelt condolences in any way you see best for yourself.

Let dog loss poems bring comfort to you or your friend. Words of condolence for loss is one of the ideal expression of sympathy, which can melt your heart the first time you read them. That is exactly the loss of dog poem we want you to read below "Don't Cry Sweet Mama Please Don't Weep", a touching dog poem to owner about letting go.

Have a look at this dog loss poem and you'll definitely love it

Don't Cry Sweet Mama Please Don't Weep

Don't cry sweet Mama, please don't weep.
Please try dear Mama, to get some sleep.
I know you're sad, and its because of me.
But don't cry Mama, for now, I am pain free.
I know you miss me, and I miss you too,
No one could have loved me more than you.
I know of some dogs that run away to die,
But not me Mama, I looked you straight in the eye.
I didn't want to leave you, but my body lost the fight.
And now my dearest Mama, you mourn me day and night.
You wished you could have given me a bit more time to live.
But Mama, believe me, I had little left to give.
I am glad you took me on that day, there was no other choice.
I would have told you to "do it" - if I had a human voice.
Don't feel guilty Mama, I know it broke your heart.
I was always going to leave you first, we knew it from the start.
But what a life you gave me, it really was the best.
Not many have a life like mine, for that, I am truly blessed.
I hope one day I will see you again,
With a smile upon your face.
But for now, I will snuggle up inside your heart,
My very favorite place.

Don't Cry Sweet Mama Please Don't Weep

Don't Cry Sweet Mama Please Don't Weep
Don't Cry Sweet Mama Please Don't Weep
Don't Cry Sweet Mama Please Don't Weep

And, what about you? Can you guess what your dog would tell you after it died? Feel free to share with us your thoughts by commenting below.

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