3 Touching Dog Loss Poems - Poems To Comfort The Grieving

 It is widely acknowledged that the lifespan of a dog is only 10-15 years but during that time their life is associated with the beginning and the end of humans' journey. When feeling happy, hopeful, or sad and lonely, on long trips back, dogs have a close-knit relationship with humans, expressing their will, feelings, and personality.

So, losing a cherished dog is tough to overcome, you'll need comfort from anything, and loss of dog poems is an ideal way. 

These dog loss poems we've suggested below may bring tears to your eyes, but at the same time, we hope they can bring warmth and comfort to your heart as you recall all the happy sweet memories you had with your dogs. Let’s celebrate the lives and legacies of our beloved dogs!

3 Touching Dog Loss Poems - Poems To Comfort The Grieving

I Thought Of You Today

I thought of you today
But that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday,
And will tomorrow too
I think of you in silence,
And make no outward show.
For what it meant to lose you
Only those who love you know.
Remembering you is easy
I do it every day
It's a heartache of losing you,
That will never go away.

You Never Said Goodbye 

You never said I'm leaving, 
You never said goodbye.
You were gone before I knew it, 
And only God knew why
A million times I needed you, 
A million times I cried
If love alone could have saved you, 
You never would have died
In life, I loved you dearly, 
In death, I love you still.
In my heart, you hold a place, 
That no one could ever fill
It broke my heart to lose you, 
But you didn't go alone.
For part of me went with you,
The day God took you home

You Never Said Goodbye

Love And Miss You Every Day Till We Meet Again

They say there is reason
They say time will heal
Neither time or reason 
Will change the way I feel
Gone are the days we used to share,
But in my heart you are always there
The gates of memories will never close
I miss you more than anybody knows
Love and miss you every day
Till we meet again

Love And Miss You Every Day Till We Meet Again

Did these poems remind you of your lost dog? Did you feel comforted when reading them? We hope these dog loss poems will find their way into your heart as well so together we can remember and honor those who’ve left us too soon.

If you’re looking for something more tangible than just reading some beautiful words, then check out our dog poems from owner to dog HERE

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